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KC Beauty Academy was founded in September 2014 by Yuko T. Koach who has been a Licensed Cosmetologist and Union 706 member for over 10 years. KC Beauty Academy is proud to be family owned, and is committed to providing students with the support and motivation needed to prepare aspiring artists to become licensed professionals.

What makes KC Beauty Academy a truly unique institution is its location and commitment to fostering a diverse environment. Nestled in downtown Los Angeles, one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, not only do we pride ourselves on our diverse student body but we positively encourage the freedom of self-expression. As such, we encourage all our students to attain real-world, pragmatic skills, that will prepare them for their creative careers.


KC Beauty Academy is nestled between Little Tokyo and the Arts District and is a short five-minute walk from the Metro Gold Line, Little Tokyo/Arts District station. Its accessibility and unique neighborhood, which harmonizes the Japanese aesthetic and the eclectic atmosphere of the Arts District makes it a great environment that allows students to explore their creativity and realize their artistic dreams.

Being located in Los Angeles, KC Beauty Academy allows its students to take hands-on approaches to the beauty industry through real life situations. Our classroom and student resources center provides students with the necessary tools to be successful as the school prepares its students for a career in the cosmetology field by developing practical, business, and communication skills related to all aspects of the field.