International Students

Admission requirements for international students

International student applicants who may qualify for admission to KC Beauty Academy are:

  • International Students: those who are neither American citizens nor permanent residents of the United States in possession of a current M-1 visa.
  • Transfer Students: those who are currently studying at another accredited school under an approved M-1 visa and wish to transfer to KC Beauty Academy.
  • Change of Status Students: those who are already in the United States on a different type of visa and who wish to change to an M-1 visa.


Why study at KC?
I would like to study abroad, but am not sure which course I should choose
Will I get my license by finishing the KC program?
Do students need a visa when studying abroad for less than three months?
I donĀ't really understand how I can transfer my beauty license into a California license.
How long does the transfer process take?
Do salon work hours count in the transfer requirement hours?