Advanced Courses


Advanced Cosmetology

Levels 1 /Level 2 /Level 3 (Each Level is 72 Hours)

Level 1: Focus on foundational skills that accelerate your hair cutting skill.

2017 Mogi Hair Method – Live Hands On Hair Stylist Boot Camp Training Class

Mogi Method
  • Unique practice method – Learn to cut hair without actually cutting a clients hair practice anywhere, any time.
  • The concept of learning 3 Advanced Geometric haircuts. Once you master these, you can create all hairstyles with confidence.
  • First step – “create hair stylist hands”.
  • Learn 3 Advanced Geometric Haircuts through repetition and practice Use a unique way of practicing so you can practice anywhere and anytime. (You won’t have to buy 100 Mannequins!).
  • Learn how to combine 3 basic cuts to create an unlimited number of hair styles.

 For more information please visit the site: Mogi Hair Method Class

Level 2:                                                                                                               Geisha Hair

The second level of our Advanced Cosmetology course focuses on Asian Hair and  traditional geisha hair, makeup, and costume. Japan’s traditional technology culture is a very valuable human resource in overseas drama,  TV,  stage and so on. Technologies including Japanese Hair Straightening, ombres, balayage,   perms, and disconnected haircuts. The mastering of these skills and techniques will ensure stylists to become profitable in their ventures as a cosmetologist in a salon.

Level 3:

The final level of the Advanced Cosmetology program includes preparation for employment in the field, whether that be a master stylist or salon owner.  We will provide students the support and guidance needed to improve and master interviewing techniques, resume writing, as well as professional dress and conduct. We hope by the end of this program, our students will have the necessary skills to not only find employment in the beauty industry, but also succeed exceptionally in their endeavors.



Special Effects Makeup

Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced (Each Level is 72 Hours)

I: This Beginner class is comprised of techniques for injury simulation, scratches, bruises, burns and effect hair application

II: Intermediate class covers everything needed to create realistic simulated effects and characters. Students will learn both two-dimensional (using only makeup) and three-dimensional (using gelatin and silicone) character techniques. bald caps and old-age makeup.

III: This advanced class teaches the creation and application of multi-piece prosthetics, and airbrush techniques. All students will have the opportunity to learn about advanced special effects lab technique, materials and processes. This class is a must for those who want to have a career in creature and special FX makeup. [/su_row]


Theatrical Makeup

Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced(Each Level is 72 Hours)

Based on the conceptual model, theater makeup and shoot portfolio that allow them to demonstrate their understanding of the skills.

I: Theatrical in high definition (HD) makeup for fashion and runway

II: Stage makeup for musical characters

III: Airbrush makeup for editorial shooting


Hair and Makeup for Film &Television

Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced(Each Level is 72 Hours)

This course covers the techniques needed to create a flawless beauty look that translates on to film and television.

I: This program is designed to give cosmetologists the necessary techniques to master a variation of up dos, including period hairstyles, modern up dos, 3 dimensional, and wedding up dos.

II: Properly apply make-up for high definition television and films.

III: Properly use airbrush techniques to create a beauty look as well as create body art and corrective tattoo makeup.


Instructor Training

Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced(Each Level is 72 Hours)

I: The curriculum for an instructor program includes teaching theory and aids, class management and motivation, evaluation methods, practical teaching and curriculum design. Cosmetology-related areas of study include topics in hair, skin and nail care.

II: Get work experience in teaching methods, curriculum development and working with students. The instructor in training will have extensive experience in supervising a student clinic and managing students in order to get the needed practical training to become a successful cosmetologist.

III: Trained instructors may seek positions such as senior educator or school manager.


Cosmetology Refresher 100 hours

This course is intended for students who have graduated from their cosmetology program or a licensed cosmetologist that are in need of extra hours of instruction. The course is designed to improve the overall skills of cosmetologists whether they need extra instruction to pass their state board exam or are in need of additional techniques to debut as a licensed cosmetologist.


We offer flexible pricing options. $2100 (72hrs/ month) $480 (6hrs /day) $280 (4hrs/day)